pemf therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

The effects of PEMF therapy are cumulative just as they are in physical exercise, so for optimal results and to create a foundation of cellular health, we recommend consistent sessions, done as closely together as possible. Fully recharged cells can begin healing more effectively if their power/charge isn’t drained again. Therefore, consistent sessions help you feel better faster.

While daily PEMF sessions are ideal, we know that’s not always feasible, so we recommend 2-3 PEMF sessions per week in order to establish a healthy cellular foundation.

The number of sessions required will vary with each individual. See our Protocols page for recommended usage. However, here are some general guidelines:

  • 10-20 sessions for most chronic health conditions, acute pain and recent injuries.
  • 20-40 sessions for multiple areas of dysfunction, full system recharge and long standing issues.

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The most important thing is to make sure you are well hydrated. You will be fully clothed during the session, however you will be asked to remove your shoes, car keys, jewelry, belts, credit cards and cell phone. You cannot be using any electronic devices while on the PEMF, so we hope you’ll enjoy this rare opportunity to sit back, relax and recharge.

PEMF can have a detoxifying effect on the body, therefore some clients find it helpful to take 1-2 capsules of a binding supplement, either before or after their session, to help usher toxins out of the body. Our recommended supplement is called BIND by Systemic Formulas and can be purchased online or in our office.

Pulse systems produce DC electricity, like our bodies. All life creates DC current through the movement of ions into and out of cells. In contrast, the electricity that’s in the walls of all houses or buildings is AC current. One of the biggest energy drains on our DC systems is AC electrical current. The PEMF will help restore proper electrical balance.
  • Clients who are pregnant should not use the PEMF.
  • Clients with any electronically implanted devices such as PaceMakers, Cochlear Implants, Hearing Aids, intrathecal pumps, etc.) cannot use PEMF because the magnetic field can disable the device.
  • Persons with open wounds, active bleeding or hemorrhaging conditions cannot use PEMF.
  • People with organ transplants on immunosuppression should not use PEMF.
  • Note that clients with metal implants, i.e. knee or hip replacements, metal screws or plates, CAN use PEMF so long as it isn’t electrical or battery powered.
If you have any questions, please call us prior to booking your session.
Recommended books on PEMF:

PEMF feels like a mild electric-like pulsation felt over the area being treated and the intensity is always adjusted for individual comfort.

You may notice your muscles contracting during the session. This is because the magnetic field created by the PEMF activates the nervous system firing into muscles, made of excitable cells, causing an involuntary muscle contraction. This contraction is normal, and doesn’t indicate an issue.

After your initial session you may feel energized. This feeling may continue to increase over the next few hours. If you worked on an injury or an area of chronic pain you might notice your pain level decrease and flexibility returned.

While you may notice improvements after your first session, many conditions require 6-10 sessions for full beneficial effects.

If you feel sore or fatigued after your session, it may be due to a detox reaction. In this case, rest, hydration and mineral supplementation may be helpful, as well as taking a binding supplement to help usher toxins out of the body. Our recommended supplement is called BIND by Systemic Formulas and can be purchased online or in our office.

In order to answer that question we will use the illustration of how a cell phone works. A new cell phone can hold its charge for a long while before it needs to be recharged. An old cell phone’s battery is different; its components are worn out and it can’t hold a charge for long at all. You have to recharge it more often.

Our cells are similar to batteries in that with the right mineral balance, nutrition and hydration cells hold a charge longer. Individuals with health challenges, injury or poor nutritional choices may need more charging time because their cells use the new energy from PEMF sessions quicker.

Therefore, the length of time pain relief and range of motion lasts after a session can indicate how healthy a person’s cellular “battery life” is.

It is shown that exercise, a nutritious diet, mineral supplementation and hydration can help your cells ability to hold a charge in between sessions.

While there is limited direct evidence for the benefits of PEMFs for children’s health issues, there is a notion that PEMF is likely to work even better in children because of the fact that children heal faster and regenerate damaged tissues better. 

According to Dr. William Pawluk, children with chronic symptoms that impair function or quality of life may benefit from PEMFs. PEMFs may help with symptoms, physiologic functions as well as tissue repair and regeneration.

PEMF may be helpful for children with:

  • Acute infectious illnesses, particularly in the respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts, but also including ear infections, sinus infections and upper respiratory infections with significant gland enlargement, mononucleosis, hepatitis and dental infections. PEMFs applied early and throughout the infectious process, can help with limiting infections and speeding healing and recovery. However, PEMFs cannot reliably be expected to directly kill bacteria or viruses. They facilitate the body’s ability to defend itself better and faster and accelerate healing and recovery. PEMFs can be combined with antibiotics, antivirals and antifungals to produce the best and most predictable results.
  • Chronic conditions such as asthma, headaches, learning disorders, sleep issues, diabetes, epilepsy, colic, autism, ADD, ADHD, hyperactivities, cerebral palsy, anxiety/panic/phobias, depression, immune disorders, and obesity.
  • Chronic pain in children.
  • This document has more discussion about the various uses of PEMF on children.

Note that it is rare that PEMFs can or should be used alone. Generally, multiple strategies may be needed to most effectively deal with these conditions.

PEMF settings will be adjusted to children’s comfort level, generally this means shorter treatment time and lower intensity of magnetic field.