about us

The Reset Room is a leading biohacking space with a passion to serve and a mission to change the way health is done in our community.

Founded by wellness maven and reset expert Dr. Mindy Pelz, the Reset Room is designed to bring science-backed biohacking technologies to every person looking to heal chronic pain and injuries, reduce inflammation, remove toxins, improve cognition, mood, energy, and performance.
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Dr. Mindy has spent over two decades helping thousands of people reclaim their health.

She is a best selling author, thought leader and has delivered over 100 workshops and large live events, giving people the tools they needed to take back control of their health. Her unique approach has led her to work with multiple Silicon Valley corporations, some of Silicon Valley’s top CEOs, Olympic Athletes, Academy Award-winning actors, professional musicians and, most importantly, everyday families
about biohacking

You’ve likely heard of the term biohacking.

Biohacking is based on the underlying philosophy that we don’t need to accept our bodies’ shortcomings, pain or dis-ease — we can engineer our way past them using a variety of tools.

It’s a powerful concept that puts the power of health back in your hands, which is why biohacking has gained so much popularity in recent years. On a basic level, biohacking comes down to something we can all relate to, the desire to feel better.

Here at the Reset Room, we’ve curated a selection of the best science-based, cutting edge biohacking tools on the market.

Looking for help in other areas of your health?

We do more than just biohacking.

We also offer diagnostic testing, virtual detox and nutrition programs, as well as chiropractic care. For more information on these offerings go to drmindypelz.com.